Government spending on social assistance during COVID-19. Source: NSO, Monthly bulletin January-December, 2020. Note: The jump in government spending on social benefits in May is due to the following: Following the increase in child allowance from 30,000 MNT to 100,000 MNT in May 2020, households with children retroactively received the increment of child allowance for April (70,000 = 100,000 – 30,000). Thus, the budget spending on child allowance in May reflects both 100,000 MNT per child for May plus 70,000 MNT per child retroactive for April. After May 2020, the spending on child benefits has stabilized.

  Part of: Banzragch O, Zagdbazar M, Gankhuyag U, Tumurtogoo D, Avirmed A, Davaatsersen D, Lkhagva U, Mashir O, Javkhlan G, Tumur B, Galbat A (2022) Gendered Impacts of the COVID-19 in Mongolia: results from big data research. Population and Economics 6(4): 123-145.