Population and Economics 2(3): 42-69, doi: 10.3897/popecon.2.e36055
Trends and Prospective Estimates of the Number of Households in the Russian Federation
expand article infoV. Echenique
‡ Faculty of Economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Open Access
According to the Law of the Russian Federation “On the All-Russian Population Census” (2002) a household is considered as a group of people living in a dwelling house, apartment or room, or part of a dwelling house or apartment that jointly provides itself with the necessary means of subsistence and which unites all or part of its income, or a person residing in a residential building, an apartment or a room, or a part of an apartment house or apartment and independently providing itself with the necessary means of subsistence.According to the calculations of 2009, based on Rosstat’s forecast, the number of households in Russia was to make up from 52.5 million by the low estimate to 58.9 million by the high estimate in 2030. Like any forecast, these estimates require regular revision, refinement due to the appearance of new data.Based on the current trends in the development of households in the world and in Russia, the article attempts to provide updated estimates of changes in the number and structure of Russian households at the end of 2030.
household, forecast, household structure, population census