Population and Economics 2(3): 114-140, doi: 10.3897/popecon.2.e36057
Reserves for Increasing the Participation of the Population in the Labour Force
expand article infoEvgenia N. Sindyashkina, Irina I. Mukhina§
‡ Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia§ Institute of Macroeconomic Research of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Moscow, Russia
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In the conditions of long-continued reduction of the working-age population size in Russia, researchers and practitioners are in search for ways to compensate demographic losses. One of the ways is the increase the labour force participation rate for certain socio-demographic groups of the population. The article examines the reserves and opportunities for expanding the involvement of young people, older persons, women with underage children in the workforce.
participation in the labour force;youth;pensioners;women with minor children