Population and Economics 2(3): 141-169, doi: 10.3897/popecon.2.e36058
Application of Social Engineering Elements to Marketing. of Public Science-Promoting Educational Products in Biomedicine
expand article infoV. Gerasimenko, D. Andreyuk
‡ Faculty of Economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Open Access
In order to overcome the low level of literacy of the population in the issues of modern innovative technologies, the paper suggests a technological approach, which combines methods of classical marketing with elements of social engineering on the basis of a neuro-evolutionary paradigm. The essence of this approach is to organize social communications in the target group by analogy with neuron connections in mathematical neural networks, thus ensuring the group’s high efficiency in making collective decisions. At the stage of testing of this campaign, over 3 thousand people were involved in scientific and educational activities of a biomedical orientation.
marketing;scientific and educational lectures;social engineering;neuro-evolutionary methodology